The mission of Boland School of Hypnotherapy is to empower, educate, and certify the next masters of Clinical Hypnotherapy by offering a strong and healthy foundation, while holding the integrity of this ancient study. Our goal is to teach our small classes of select students to utilize the innate wisdom of their unconscious mind to continue to stay in balance, to heal, to learn, and in turn, teach and educate the masses.

This is a traveling school that is founded with the intention to formally certify the diverse culture of specialized hypnotherapists in the highest ethics of our oldest and largest body of certification, The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

Upcoming Courses


Fall 2019

St. Louis, Missouri

Invited to the heartland of this country, we will hold our autumn certification classes in the beautifully serene & very central, Webster Groves. Among our ancestral wisdom held in the oldest mountains in our country, let’s grow community!

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Spring 2020

Sonoma County, California

Where the Russian River, the vineyards, and the Redwoods meet the ocean, our school is settled as a vessel of peace. Sit amongst our elders for wisdom & personal advancement. Lets create our community of high connection. May we grow vision.


Helen Boland, CCHT

Helen Boland is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified through The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners in 2005.

As a lifelong educator, musician, and author of “Color Shockers”, Helen’s first published book in her children’s book series, the focus has been fostering a healthy foundation for the young child. Boland School of Hypnotherapy is a vision in progress.


What is Hypnosis and Is It For Me?

Humans are born with the innate propensity and ability to heal. Our natural design is when we get a scratch, a wound, our body and mind know what to do to simply heal. We donʼt even need to think about it; it just happens. When we are ill; we naturally sleep to automatically allow the body to heal. Our entire system is designed not only to heal to survive, but also thrive as our highest life form. Modern Hypnotherapy is rooted in ancient studies of self relaxation, leading to our natural accessibility to altered states of consciousness. LEARN MORE