Boland School of Hypnotherapy is an academic school certifying the next masters of Clinical Hypnotherapy with deep and rich foundational support. We are a recognized Certification School of the oldest and largest governing body in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy, The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (est.1980).

Hypnotherapy is a supplemental or alternative therapy aimed at creating positive mental, emotional, and spiritual development and change. Rooted in physics, biology, psychology, religion and shamanism, we are a traveling school invited to beautiful scenes across our globe to teach natural holistic Clinical Hypnotherapy. We train and certify the next great teachers. In our wake, ACHE certified Clinical Hypnotherapists remain to create and grow their communities in health and balance, as this ancient wisdom is learned and shared. Welcome.

Peace in process... the beat continues.

SOME Modern Applications of Clinical Hypnotherapy: 

Pain Relief; Surgery & Anesthesiology; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Dermatology; Ophthalmology; Genitourinary condition Oncology; Pediatrics; Orthopedics; Addictions; Dentistry... Increasing Learning Skills; Improving Relationships; Win/Win Business Hypnosis(TM): Sales & Motivation (Individual/group), Public Speaking, Goal Setting (Individual/group), Personal Motivational Programs (Individual/group); Stress Management (Individual/group); Smoking Cessation; Weight Control; Teaching Self-Hypnosis; Relaxation Training (Individual/group); Enhancing Artistic Expression; Improve Concentration & Focus Increase Self Confidence and Self Esteem (Individual/group); Spiritual Connection & Community Building...