About Helen Boland, CCHT

Helen Boland, CCHT, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified in 2005 by the oldest and largest body in the field of modern Hypnotherapy, The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners(est 1980).


Helen Boland CCHT has a private practice that now, through technology, “sees” people all over the world. Helen is a mother; a researcher, lecturer, and educator. She is a tenured and retired public school teacher, a music teacher and therapist. Helen is a published author of the first book in her ʻChildren Healʼ series: “Color Shockers, i mean Chakras ~ Childʼs First Guide to Breathing and Meditation.” As a lifelong therapist, educator, singer, musician, and author, Helenʼs focus has been on fostering a healthy foundation for the young child.

Community advancement and true human progress is everything. At an early age, Helenʼs active dream state led to her curiosity and exploration into the role of the human brain and our healing process. In noticing the connectivity quite young between herself and the natural world, plus the avid reading of the known and unknown in western and eastern healing traditions, the path of our healing potential became interesting. Preparing to teach school at 22, and noticing child development and the unconscious mind, Helen was quickly a tenured eighth grade English teacher in Santa Rosa, CA. In 2001 with the birth of her son, then in 2005 and a first certificate in Hypnotherapy and a published book, Helenʼs work shifted to one on one therapy in her private office; more research; lecturing and presenting to large groups and small; parenting; more degrees; more writing, and Peace in Process.

Peace in Process began as a concept in 2004, manifesting into the experiential workshop series in 2005. Helenʼs original and organic educational forum introduced varied masters and their specialized modalities for Self healing, Mind Body & Spirit (or, “the God piece”). Each workshop, three master teachers taught alongside Helenʼs transcendental journeys that included and encouraged self-hypnosis, thus allowing for rich and easily accessible understanding of the intrinsic and holistic healing potential within each human. Over the past decade, Peace in Process has grown, and now, with our widespread community sharing this knowledge, and knowing that this deeper wisdom is so needed at this time, a school is born:

Boland School of Hypnotherapy.

The mission of Helen and Boland School of Hypnotherapy, is to lovingly teach hypnotherapy to the highest mastery, while holding the high standards of the honorable officiate, The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

Our mission is to empower and educate the next masters of Clinical Hypnotherapy by offering a strong and healthy foundation, while holding the integrity of this ancient study.

Our goal is to teach our select and varied students to utilize and expand the innate wisdom of their unconscious mind to continue to stay in balance, to heal, learn, and in turn, teach and educate the masses.

Peace in process, may the beat continue...

Helen Offers these Services:

ACHE Certification; private; couples; group sessions; classes; lectures & webinars, WinWIn Business Hypnosis™

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Every child is significant and every child has something to share. Empower your child to feel their connection to the world and to notice Their place within it. The children learn to honor their unique gifts & to offer them back to our world, simply by breathing… noticing. Now, more than at any other time, children and their adults are being pulled in very distracting & self-destructive ways. Empower yourselves along with your children…Teach Them Well! This is a basic beginner's guide to the seven chakra points. Centuries of wisdom and patient practice have echoed the merit of these grounding practices. Read and breathe through the beautiful pages. Give your loved ones a gift they can use the rest of their beautiful lives.

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